Subscription – possibly the best deal in town!                                           Family –  £5;   Single –  £3;   Retired –  £2 each.

Please join the society for full benefits, and to support us in our work. Download the form below which has full details. To contact us about membership please follow this link. Please note the Society’s financial year is  the calendar year.

Subscription renewals are due in January and must be paid no later than the AGM in April. We very much prefer that members take out a Standing Order. New members will usually be asked to take out a Standing Order.

However, we accept BACS payment to our HSBC account:    Our bank (NatWest) sort code is 53-50-39, our account no. 55428401. Please use your name, with initials, as payee reference. It is helpful to inform us you have done this.

Membership Form

It is hard work for your committee to deal with accidental non-payers! We must ask for your understanding that two years non payment will result in automatic removal from our list – result: no Review!

One thought on “Membership”

  1. Hello, I don’t really want to be a member. However, as an old boy 1953 – 1956 I do have some school photos you don’t appear to have, or at least aren’t showing.
    I would like to know if you have contact details for Paul Sutton and Brian Bates. In fact anyone from those days
    Best regards
    Laurie Taylor

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