Great War Project

Rudgwick Great War Project

Commencing in May 2014, it is intended that the Project will run until at least the end of 2018 to commemorate the parish contribution to and experience of the war both overseas and on the home front a century ago.

An important addition to the local history of Rudgwick 1914-18 will be the collection of short stories from current Rudgwick residents about their relatives who took part in the war effort, wherever they might have lived then.

STOP PRESS!      5th November, 2014, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

                   “SHOW AND TELL” DAY –  AT THE BOOK EXCHANGE                      See the poster, RPS Great War Jubilee Hall 2014

If you wish to take part in this project, please contact us from this website, and we will gladly add you to the growing list of participants, subsequently asking you to write about it on one page (with additional photo or document if available). Help with this is available even if you only have basic evidence of the person’s experiences. It is important to note that we are interested in both men and women, and in anyone, whether they lost their life or returned home safely.

We hope this information will enable Rudgwick residents both to understand the war better and to foster a sense of community. No decision has been made yet on what the end product might be, but it will likely involve publishing material of all kinds either as a book or as a new website.

Download the Reporting Sheet for War Service,  online form.

There is already a wealth of information about Rudgwick’s fallen comrades, for which a huge debt is owed to Andy Bailey (see his website), and RPS member Geoff Turberville-Smith who has collected much information for the annual Rudgwick Remembers event in the parish church every November.


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