Rudgwick in the Great War

Rudgwick Preservation Society
Centenary of the Armistice 1918-2018

Rudgwick’s Great War, Volumes 1 and 2 now available!

See ‘Events and News‘ tab for full details.

Here is a quick link to the parish war memorial in Holy Trinity Church: Rudgwick War Memorial.

In the process of researching Rudgwick’s Great War, we have discovered the names of many more Rudgwick deaths in the war. Some are very closely linked to Rudgwick, some more tenuously. Most newly found men are commemorated elsewhere. The criteria used to include them are wide ranging, from birth and baptism, through school and employment, and of course the homes of parents and siblings, or wives. Most, but not all, had moved away before 1914. A few had parents or wives who moved into Rudgwick in the war. We do not know how the chosen ones came to be named in the church, but a few of those have lesser criteria to be named than some newly discovered names. It would be invidious however to downplay their link or their sacrifice. For an analysis of this, please read the book!

For more detail on all the men of Rudgwick who lost their lives click here: Roll of Honour.


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The past, present and future of Rudgwick

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