The Brabys of Maybanks

James Braby, 1826-1907

He is best remembered in Rudgwick for being lay rector, a benefactor to the village – the first school house/Jubilee Hall – bringing a railway station to Rudgwick on his land,  the first chairman of the parish council, yet living in Surrey at Maybanks in Ewhurst. His father, James, inherited this property from his wife’s family, the Churchmans, also prominent in Rudgwick for a very long time. From a line of James Brabys, the family have very longstanding Rudgwick connections, as well as entrpreneurial and inventive flair in their wheelright’s in Ockley which flourished as a business in Victorian Lambeth. Note – James Brabys are numbered to aid chronology!

The Braby Family – Family Insights through the Industrial and Transport Revolutions of the late 18th and 19th Centuries. Braby Connections with Rudgwick

The Braby Family, Introduction

Ch 1. Coldwaltham and Warnham a. John Braby [c 1615-1661] & Jane Booker; b. Alternative 1: John Braby [1641-1702] and Ann Michell Alternative 2: John Braby [1641-1702] and Elizabeth Chalkcroft; c. Henry Braby [1676 (or 1681)-1734] & Ruth Fuller; d. James Braby (1) [1713-1770] & Ruth Compton.

Ch 2. Ockley and Rudgwick a. James Braby (1) & Frusannah Butcher, née Corfe; b. James Braby (2) [1749-1807] & Elizabeth Puttock; c. James Braby (2) & Mary Knight, & Jane Richards.

Ch 3. From Ockley to Lambeth a. James Braby (3) [1774-1846] & Hannah Weller; b. A Family Affair: J., J. & J. Braby; James Braby & Sons; Braby, Jas & Jno.

Ch 4. Lambeth, Forest Hill and Ewhurst a. James Braby (4) [1797-1865] & Mary Ann Churchman; b. James Braby & Son; c. The Churchman Connection.

Ch 5 (1). From Lambeth and Lewisham to Maybanks, Ewhurst a. James Braby (5) [1826-1907] & Emma Glover; b. Maybanks; c. Inventor; d. Rudgwick Affairs.

Ch 5 (2). Rudgwick, Drungewick, the Maybanks sale e. James Braby (6) [1851-1886]; f. Drungewick Manor; g. James and Emma, the final years; h. Ernest E Braby [1858-1922] & Augusta A Batten; i. Rudgwick Lay Rectors.

Ch 6 (1). Other Descendents of James and Hannah  a. John Braby [1799-1881] & Maria Churchman

Ch 6 (2). Other Descendents b. Frederick Braby [1829-1911] & Jane Child

Ch 6 (3). Other Descendents, Conclusion, Acknowledgements c. Charles Braby [1818-1884] & Fanny Wilson; d. Herbert W Braby; Sidney G Braby, Principals, Pennthorpe School; e. Roland Braby, Vicar of Loxwood.


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