The Hamlet of Rowhook

Rowhook is difficult to define! Part in Rudgwick, part in Warnham, part in Slinfold, it has no strong focal point, other than the Chequers Inn (which is in Rudgwick – just). It has amorphous outer areas of farms and fields on generally high ground, part of the ridge, which extends from west of Rudgwick to Rusper and Crawley, here quite wide, with a distinct scarp to the south. To the north the county boundary is clear on the map, yet even here Rowhook and its Surrey equivalents of Ellens Green and Oakwoodhill merge imperceptibly across the fields. One road, once a turnpike, links all the farms, the pub and the isolated houses.

The Eastern Ridge including Rowhook – Roger Nash A wide ranging survey of the locality

Rudgwick Tithe Map – RowhookWord document

Rowhook Tithe Map – Summary, and Comparison with 1841, 1851 censuses   Excel document

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The past, present and future of Rudgwick

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