Pallinghurst (Rikkyo School)

The House on the Hill

Over several years, we have gathered a lot of information about the stages of change and development at Pallinghurst. It has had several names, but is best known locally as Pallinghurst, and is occupied by Rikkyo School in England who have added substantial facilities to this Christian Japanese boarding school. At its heart are firstly the original farmhouse (sadly threatened with demolition) and secondly the mansion erected about 115 years ago. The story of Pallinghurst is in seperate illustrated chapters for easier download. Included are all sorts of other stories associated with Pallinghurst, also biographical histories of the families who have lived there, and where possible details of those who have worked there.

See also the early research in Newsletters, Spring 2009 and Autumn 2009. Way back in Spring 1995, we also had two extracts from Vera Jones ‘Pallinghurst Gal’ autobiographical notes. She lived at Brickkiln Farm on the estate.

Introduction (including title page & Contents)

Ch 1. Moses Place alias West Rudge, or Upper Hillhouse, to c1850

The Development of a Hillhouse Estate

Ch 2. Thomas Langton, Wandsworth Timber Merchant, c1850 to 1865

Ch 3. Jonah (and John) Oastler, Yorkshire-born Bermondsey Leather Merchants, 1865-1890 Jonah Oastler lived at Loxwood House and White’s (White Lea, built for Edith Cammell), Alfold.

Pallinghurst Park, 1890-1919

Ch 4. A Country Seat for Erwin Schumacher, 1845-1915 –  London agent for Wogau & Co in Russia

Ch 5. Name change: ‘Schumacher’ to ‘ffennell’, 1917, and the sale of Pallinghurst

Ch 6 Erwin Charles Schumacher, 1870-1931 – The ne’er-do-well eldest son

10 HoH Raymond Schumacher in the Transvaal Eckstein & Co, 1894-99; a new Pallinghurst in Johannesburg, 1900-06; Chairman, Rand Mines 1906-15

Ch 8. Raymond ffennell, 1871-1944, (b) in Wytham  – Wytham Abbey;  outdoor education (‘The Wytham Scheme’); Oxford University; Hazel ffennell

Ch 9.  Walter Waldemar Schumacher,1879-1949 – Martyr Worthy Place, Itchen Abbas, Hants

Ch 10. Three Schumacher Daughters, and their Descendents  1. Gladys, Mrs Harold Bastow, 1876-1930;  2. Vera, Mrs Sydney Hayley, 1884-1959; 3. Elsa, Lady Cochrane, 1886-1966

Pallinghurst: The MacAndrew Years, 1919-1959

Ch 11. MacAndrew Family Origins – MacAndrew & Co, shipowners & merchants

Ch 12. At Pallinghurst – Ernest MacAndrew

Ch 13. The MacAndrews at Tisman’s Park – Point-to-Point Races

Ch 14. A Fatal Plane Collision – Two RAF B52s collide over Pallinghurst, 7 Jan 1944

Ch 15. The Gamekeeper’s Daughter, A Personal Perspective – Emily Harwood, nee Covey

Ch 16. The Sale of Pallinghurst and the Estate, 1958-9 – The last of the big  Rudgwick estates

Ch 17. Descendents of Ernest and Katharine MacAndrew     1. Roderic, 1904-1980s; 2. Donald, 1906-2000; 3. Kitty, 1908-1961

Recent History

Ch 18. Pallinghurst Hotel, 1959-1971

Ch 19. The Suitcase Mystery – Who was Jenny Burrell? how was the Greek-Turkish Zarifi family involved?

Ch 20. Rikkyo School in England, founded 1972

3 thoughts on “Pallinghurst (Rikkyo School)”

  1. Jack Carter was my fathers uncle, although they were a similar age and boyhood friends, and we often visited Pallinghurst in the 60s, when I was a schoolboy. I remember it well, but not upstairs. Used to play in the grounds and collect sackfuls of conkers from the magnificent Horse Chestnut Trees that lined the drive. I have family pictures taken there.

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